Support the Pesticide Reporting Act -- Gazette.Net


As long-time residents of the Agricultural Reserve in Montgomery County, we are happy to learn that the Pesticide Reporting Act might indeed become law during this legislative session. This law, which is cost-neutral, requires professional applicators of pesticides to register online with the Maryland Department of Agriculture. This centralized reporting system will enable state health officials and scientists to quickly access information about the “when” and the “where” of pesticide applications in the event of amishap that endangers residents or harms wildlife.

Furthermore, it enables the tracking of the sale and purchase of restricted use pesticides, which the FBI has warned can be easily weaponized.

The thousands of us on well water in the 93,000-acre Agricultural Reserve are well aware of the importance of protecting our underground aquifers. The Pesticide Reporting Act is sensible legislation that safeguards the public, protects the Bay and benefits wildlife while at thesame time not overburdening farmers and professional pesticideapplicators.

Donna & Dennis McDowell, Laytonsville