Bravo on Monrovia growth stance -- Gazette.Net


I want to say bravo to Steven McKay for his opinion column on Feb. 7 (The Gazette Forum page).

As a resident of Urbana for the last eight years, I have watched with dismay as the surrounding cities and counties grow, and still Frederick County can’t even decide on a plan of development.

While Reston, Annapolis and others manage to engage developers in small town centers, Frederick seems content with sprawling strip malls dotting the landscape willy-nilly.

How Frederick County seemed to miss the opportunity to make Urbana a town center with planned work and living facilities, right on Interstate 270, is beyond me.

New Market and Monrovia have the same opportunity. I’m sure with Frederick County’s current staff of politicians, they will miss that, too.

Like Mr. McKay, I would like to see a plan. Any plan, and an opportunity to discuss it.

Jerome Saxon, Urbana