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Montgomery County Public Schools may phase out Edline, its classroom-to-home online communication system, school spokesman Dana Tofig said Tuesday.

The school system is working on expanding the functions of its internal online portal, myMCPS, which is currently used for posting grades and assignments, so that it can take on the functionalities of Edline and allow for even greater communication between parents, teachers and students, Tofig said.

The school system has been using Edline in secondary schools since 2006. After logging on, parents and students have access to class assignments, grades, news and anything else their teachers want to post.

Currently, myMCPS is used mostly internally for school staff, providing them portal for organized school system information, school and student data, and internal communication.

When the school system created myMCPS in 2009, it was with a goal in mind of eventually eliminating external systems, according to a 2009 Board of Education memo.

“By eliminating the use of multiple external systems, we can budget our resources more effectively,” past Superintendent Jerry Weast wrote in the memo.

The school system would consider ending the use of Edline if it was determined that myMCPS can fully replace it, Tofig said, adding that it would be ideal if the school system could use just one online system.

It is possible that some changes could be ready for next school year, Tofig wrote in an email.

“Any transition would be seamless for current Edline users,” he wrote.