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The photo cutline for this story was corrected on Feb. 21, 2013. An explanation follows the story.

In the 1994 Best Picture winner “Forrest Gump,” Best Actor winner Tom Hanks famously shares his mama’s advice that “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

But the stars in the 2013 Oscar’s Celebrity Lounge know exactly what they’re going to get Sunday night — a selection of chocolates from locally-based Zoë’s Chocolate Co.

The company, which has a store in Frederick and is headquartered in Waynesboro, Pa., where the candies are made, was selected as the official chocolatier for the Academy Awards ceremony.

Zoë Tsoukatos and her brothers, Pantelis and Petros, will attend and mingle with stars, in addition to giving away 100 boxes of chocolates to celebrities in the gifting suite.

They also will be giving away a 16-piece box of chocolates with two pieces created for the Oscars — a black raspberry with a golden ticket and a dark chocolate cacao with a director’s clapboard, as well as a 24-karat gold bar, created in conjunction with Henry Bendel, a New York-based boutique store.

The bar contains edible shavings of 24-karat gold. The chocolate boxes are currently available in the Frederick store at 121 North Market St. for $30.

The gold bar has already sold out, according to the company’s website.

She said the invitation to the Oscars came from the store’s invitation to the Emmy Awards in 2011, where they distributed chocolates in a similar fashion.

“A couple years ago when we were selected to go to the Emmys, it was kind of a by chance thing,” she said. “Someone had tried one of our chocolates in California, and they asked us to send some samples. Out of everyone, they chose us to be the official chocolates.”

Tsoukatos said she was glad the store was being recognized for its quality chocolates.

“Being from a small town, it’s always nice for somebody to find you like that, and to be able to go out there and share it with them,” she said.

Representatives for the Academy Awards did not return a request for comment.

The store didn’t have the Oscar candies on Monday or Tuesday, but the staff said they would be available later in the week.


Correction: Zoë Tsoukatos’ name was incorrectly spelled in the original photo cutline.