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The photo cutline for this story was corrected on Feb. 18, 2013. An explanation follows the story.

Peter Holland, 11, and Anthony Hansley, 12, sixth-graders at Argyle Magnet Middle School, Silver Spring, won third place in a national video game contest with their original game: “Hot Cakes.”

The game is played from the pancake’s point of view, Peter said.

“You (the pancake) don’t want to become all soggy so he is destroying the syrup,” he said. “It’s kind of like Pac-Man except you don’t have to find your way through the maze.”

The boys created the game in their Programming Fundamentals class at Argyle, which is a technology magnet school.

“I think we won because we followed all the instructions, tried to make it ironic as possible — it was supposed to be funny, and pancakes trying to avoid syrup is ironic — we got help from other classmates, and we worked on it a very long time,” Peter said. He estimates he and Anthony spent about 48 hours on the game which can last up to 12 minutes depending on how well it is played.

Peter said he was very surprised to learn they had won in the Got Game contest, sponsored by STEMFUSE, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education software company, and he hopes to continue working on video games.

Peter and Anthony each received a $150 gift card from Best Buy and Argyle won $500 to use in connection with STEMFUSE whose curriculum is used in the programming class.

Correction: The students in the photo were incorrectly identified.