Despite discoloration, Laurel water line restored -- Gazette.Net


A failed water main near the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission in Laurel has now been repaired, according to WSSC.

WSSC spokesman I.J. Hudson said that portions of Van Dusen Road and Virginia Manor Road in Laurel, which were closed Saturday after a piece to the main constructed in the 1940s failed, have now been reopened.

Most of the standing water has been cleared and water pressure restored, except for a few isolated patches, but residents may continue to have discolored water, Hudson said.

The discolored water is safe for drinking, cooking, showering and flushing, but WSSC recommends not using it for baby formula or washing clothes.

Hudson said customers are advised to run their cold water taps for five minutes to flush out the lines. Detailed instructions and a video can be found at WSSC’s website:

Hudson said the leak appeared to have come from a 24-inch interconnect between two large pipes.

“The exact cause is unknown. We’re still investigating what happened,” Hudson said.

Hudson did not know exactly how many homes were affected, but estimated the number to be in the thousands.

The water main failed Saturday afternoon.