McNamara senior wins three events -- Gazette.Net


Jordan Martin forgot his long-jump mark at his last meet. As the tape measure rolled out at Penn State and other competitors placed indicators of where to begin their approach, the Bishop McNamara senior couldn't remember where to set his after not practicing for a week due to weather. His coach wasn't nearby to ask, but Martin remembered he begins his approach just behind where a teammate does. So, Martin eyeballed his starts based on his teammate's mark. Needless to say, the results weren't great. Saturday, Martin had no such problem. Martin, who has been busy dominating the hurdles this winter, won the long jump — just his second time competing in the event this season and first time with the proper mark — and two other events at the Private & Independent School Invitational at Georgetown Prep. The Bishop McNamara girls won the meet, and the boys from the Forestville school finished second to Gonzaga. In addition to his jump of 21 feet and 11.5 inches, Martin won the 55-meter hurdles (7.63) and he and his teammates won the 800-meter relay (1:34.72). He typically competes in just two events per meet due to past knee problems, but in his was a special occasion. Earlier in the week, Martin committed to Toledo for football, and he believes that helped his performance Saturday. “It relaxes me, because I know I can go out here and not worry about the scouts looking at me, recruiting,” Martin said. “That kind of plays in your mind.” Martin — who claimed offers from Hawaii, Ohio, Massachusetts, North Carolina State and Old Dominion — said Toledo coaches promised he'd start at cornerback next season. He said Penn State and Miami also recruited him for track and at times this winter, he thought to himself, “I'm getting pretty good at this track thing. Maybe I want to reconsider” putting football first. Toledo wanted to conduct an in-home visit last week to convince Martin to play football there, but he told them he had an important track meet upcoming and couldn't miss a practice. Instead, the Rockets settled for an in-school meeting Tuesday. But Martin surprised them by committing Monday. On the other hand, he's definitely not surprising his current coach. “What he's doing right is really nothing new,” said Chapman, who coached Martin since he was 9. “He's a champ since when he was young.” Many football players in Martin's position don't run track, fearing an injury, and Chapman knew Martin might not compete this winter. “I let him make the choice,” Chapman said. “Because if he comes, I want him to come because he wants to be here, not because I want him to come. He wanted to be here.” Said Martin: “I didn't want to be in the weight room for football and get too bulky and then lose my speed.” Martin said Toledo cornerbacks coach D.K. McDonald called him Saturday morning wishing him luck at the track meet, confirming to Martin that he had made the right decision. The McNamara girls also confirmed something Saturday: their resolve. With several key athletes out injured, Bishop McNamara still won the title. “It's important,” said Deja Bell, who won the 55-meter hurdles. “Because we won, we're inspired now.”

Girls 55 1. Baxter, Chandler, St John's Co, 7.35; 2. Kilgore, Briauna, Elizabeth Se,7.42; 3. Gay, Jaela, Bishop McNam, 7.47. Girls 300 1. Barrows, Lisa-Anne, Holton-Arms, 40.69; 2. Tucker, Taylor, Elizabeth Se, 41.90; 3. Graham, Ricca, Elizabeth Se, 42.18. Girls 500 1. Murray, Jillian, Georgetown V, 1:21.40; 2. Ward, Samaria, Riverdale Ba,1:21.71; 3. Griffith, Moira, Georgetown V, 1:21.99. Girls 1000 1. Clark, Caroline, Academy Of T, 3:09.96; 2. Pocratsky, Rachel, Our Lady Of, 3:10.16; 3. McGill, Grace, Georgetown V, 3:12.83. Girls 1600 1. Keller, Kiernan, Academy Of T, 5:17.93; 2. Lindsay, Alison, St Stephens, 5:21.56; 3. Lindsay, Margaret, Georgetown V, 5:36.18. Girls 3200 1. Treanor, Katherine, Georgetown D, 12:22.85; 2. Bowie, Samantha, Bishop McNam, 12:28.09; 3. Paradis, Cassidy, Georgetown D, 12:28.29. Girls 55 Hurdles 1. Bell, Deja, Bishop McNam, 8.34; 2. Tucker, Taylor, Elizabeth Se, 8.45; 3. Wheatley, Danielle, Bishop McNam, 8.75. Girls 4x200 Relay: 1. Elizabeth Seton 1:45.42; 2. Bishop McNamara 1:45.96; 3. St John's College 1:46.05. Girls 4x400 Relay: 1. Riverdale Baptist 4:02.55; 2. Bishop McNamara 4:04.10; 3. Elizabeth Seton 4:06.90. Girls 4x800 Relay: 1. Georgetown Visitation Prep 9:57.44#; 2. Elizabeth Seton 10:08.66; 3. Riverdale Baptist 10:14.03. Girls High Jump 1. Hinnerichs, Natiaha, Holton-Arms, 5-04; 2. Dotson, Taylor, Bishop McNam, 4-10; 3. Arnold, Paige, Milton Hersh, 4-06; 3. Maves, Morgan, St Stephens, 4-06. Girls Long Jump 1. Wheatley, Danielle, Bishop McNam, 17-06; 2. Hill, Jaidlin, Bishop McNam, 17-05.25; 3. Fair, Diamond, Elizabeth Se, 16-06.25. Girls Triple Jump 1. Rogers, Brielyn, Bishop McNam, 39-01.75; 2. Fair, Diamond, Elizabeth Se, 34-01; 3. Bell, Connor, Georgetown V, 31-07. Girls Shot Put 1. Davis-Young, Regyn, Bishop McNam, 34-09.50; 2. Mallory, Lenetta, Elizabeth Boys 55 1. Garrahan, Sean, St. Mary's R, 6.66; 2. Garcia, Wilber, St John's Co, 6.73; 3. Strong, Kesean, Archbishop C, 6.76. Boys 300 1. Robinson, Marcus, The Field Sc, 36.17; 2. Johnson, Jeh, The Field Sc, 36.97; 3. Leach, Kendall, Archbishop C, 37.52. Boys 500 1. Stone, David, Bishop McNam, 1:08.42; 2. Atkins, Justin, Archbishop C, 1:08.82; 3. Bransford, Cole, Potomac Scho, 1:09.98. Boys 1000 1. Yu, Junda, Georgetown P, 2:44.92; 2. Pulliam, Kevin, Gonzaga Coll, 2:46.70; 3. Campbell, Jason, Sidwell Frie, 2:47.56. Boys 1600 1. Armbruster, Alex, St. Andrew's, 4:32.40; 2. Crilly, Collin, Our Lady Of, 4:33.54; 3. Ross, Hale, Potomac Scho, 4:33.69. Boys 3200 1. Hoyle, Chris, Gonzaga Coll, 9:55.37; 2. Armbruster, Alex, St. Andrew's, 10:04.96; 3. Colaizzi, Griffin, Georgetown D, 10:05.21. Boys 55 Hurdles 1. Martin, Jordan, Bishop McNam, 7.63; 2. Holmes, Maurice, Gonzaga Coll, 8.04; 3. Gray, Darien, Gonzaga Coll, 8.06. Boys 4x200 Relay: 1. Bishop McNamara 1:34.72; 2. Georgetown Prep 1:35.57; 3. St John's College 1:36.11. Boys 4x400 Relay: 1. St John's College 3:35.06; 2. Archbishop Carroll 3:36.77; 3. Georgetown Prep 3:37.54. Boys 4x800 Relay: 1. Georgetown Day 8:21.40; 2. Our Lady Of Good Counsel 8:28.87; 3. Gonzaga College 8:48.14. Boys High Jump 1. Holmes, Maurice, Gonzaga Coll, 6-00; 2. Grunewald, Nick, Georgetown P, 5-10; 3. St. Pierre, Patrick, Gonzaga Coll, 5-04. Boys Pole Vault: 1. Hess, Austin, The Mercersb, 10-06#. Boys Long Jump 1. Martin, Jordan, Bishop McNam, 21-11.50; 2. Grunewald, Nick, Georgetown P, 21-03; 3. Holmes, Maurice, Gonzaga Coll, 20-07.25. Boys Triple Jump 1. Holmes, Maurice, Gonzaga Coll, 42-10.75; 2. Briscoe, Corey, Bishop McNam, 40-08.75; 3. Rust-Tierney, Erin, Georgetown D, 40-04. Boys Shot Put 1. Manning, Rashad, Riverdale Ba, 57-04#; 2. Nelson, Julian, Archbishop C, 43-06; 3. Simpson, Klarance, Riverdale Ba, 42-05.50.