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" /> Photos from Thursday's game

" /> Photos from Thursday's game



Bullis School boys basketball player Jamaal Greenwood, who played at Georgetown Prep last season, heard all the chants from the home student section while returning to his former school.

“Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!”

“He's a junior! He's a junior! He's a junior!”

“You can have him! You can have him! You can have him!”

But as Bullis waited for someone to unlock the visitors' locker room after its 69-48 win over Georgetown Prep on Thursday, Greenwood's new teammates broke into their own impromptu chant that even Bullis coach Bruce Kelley joined enthusiastically:

“You can't have him! You can't have him! You can't have him!”

Greenwood smiled as the door to a room he'd never entered before Thursday was unlocked and Bullis shuffled in, still chanting.

“I didn't think that they were going to be that ruthless with some of the cheers,” Greenwood said. “... I knew the fans was going to be heckling me, but as long as we got the win and I played within the system, I couldn't ask for anything more.”

Greenwood finished with seven points and six rebounds.

“We told him he didn't have to be a hero, trust his teammates and just play as hard he can defensively,” Kelley said. “You could see early on, he kind of pulled one and did a couple things. He wanted to show his get back, I guess. But I thought he settled down and played really well.”

Once Greenwood settled down, Bullis went on a 19-0 second-quarter run to break open what had been a one-point game.

“We wanted to win for Jamaal,” Russell Sangster said. “We all wanted to come out hard and play tough for him.”

Four of Greenwood's teammates scored in double digits: Sangster (13 points and six assists), Andre Walker (13 points, six rebounds and four blocks), Anthony Thompson (13 points) and Winton Lyle (11 points and five rebounds).

Greenwood, who reclassified from the class of 2013 into the class of 2014 when transferring to Bullis, said there were no bitter feelings.

“I've been here for three years, so I got really got close to those dudes,” Greenwood said. “Those are still really close friends of mine. Even though I left, those are still really close friends. I'm never going to lose that relationship with them.”

Georgetown Prep coach Herb Krusen also downplayed the intensity of the personal matchup, saying he didn't discuss it with his players

“We're over that,” said Krusen, who noted how often the AAU circuit creates games between one-time teammates. “... I don't think that was an issue. I thought he's having a great year for them.”

After the game, Greenwood exchanged hugs and handshakes with several Georgetown Prep students. Even with his delayed departure from the court, Greenwood had to wait to enter a locker room he said wasn't nearly as nice as the home locker room.

That's when he was serenaded by the teammates who watched him handle what could have been a difficult night admirably. Sangster admitted even he found some of the Georgetown Prep chants funny, especially, “you can have him.”

“We,” Sangster said, “definitely want him here at Bullis.”


Bullis 69, Georgetown Prep 48

Bullis 9 30 16 14 — 69

Georgetown Prep 11 10 11 16 — 48


Bullis (16-4, 5-0): Russell Sangster 13, Anthony Thompson 13, Andre Walker 13, Winton Lyle 11, Jamaal Greenwood 7, Kyven Jones 4, Aaron Briggs 3, A.J. Metz 2, Justin Herron 2, Christopher Aust 1.

Georgetown Prep (12-8, 4-1): Michael Wolfe 12, Alex Fabean-Scotch 10, Alexander Lee 10, Kevin McDonald 9, Anesu Nyawata 4, Billah Abdul-Jalaal 3.