Dangerous crossing at Bethesda Avenue -- Gazette.Net


How can a biker, runner or pedestrian safely cross Bethesda Avenue, at the Barnes & Noble plaza, to enter the Capital Crescent Trail?

I’d have to say: Unless you can fly over the road, you’re in for a dicey crossing.

The giant construction pit that has swallowed much of the Bethesda Avenue/Woodmont Avenue area has done many terrible things to that area: closed roads and sidewalks, narrowed Bethesda Avenue itself, brought many many lumbering trucks that hog road space and parking spaces. And that pit has also had a dire impact on the entrance to the trail.

Sidewalks on Woodmont and Bethesda Avenue leading up to the trail are gone. A pedestrian crossing lane has been painted on Bethesda Avenue, with a walk/don’t walk sign. Sounds like a possible solution. But here’s what I see happening: cars making the wide right turn from Woodmont onto Bethesda are oblivious to the possibility that a bicyclist, runner or pedestrian could be crossing or turning into the trail. And cars driving on Bethesda Avenue, coming from Arlington and headed toward Wisconsin, routinely sit right smack on top of the pedestrian crossing lane when they stop for the red light at that intersection. I hate to be negative, but it seems inevitable that a human/car collision will occur at this now dangerous crossing. Is there anything that can be done to create a safe way onto the trail?

Marc Silver, Chevy Chase