Convenient and inconvenient states -- Gazette.Net


Recently, a few movies have been released that portray the time in U.S. history when slavery and discrimination against fellow humans was acceptable and legal by law. I guess, people rationalized that if the law states it’s OK, it is OK, and none of our business, anyway.

However, I wonder if defining states as either a Free State or a Slave State helped U.S. citizens see their blindness and hypocrisy, leading to the Civil War, Amendments 13-15, and eventually the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (guess it takes humans a long time to get things right)?

What if states today could determine if they were a Convenient State or Inconvenient State? Convenient States would allow folks to kill inconvenient humans, and Inconvenient States would force folks to guarantee life to all humans, including what science defines as a prenatal human, and even remorseless, murderous humans on death row.

Convenient States could declare: Who cares what science says! If we want to see the world as flat, we’ll see it flat! Convenient States could save a lot of money and resources. Inconvenient States would be forced to spend money and time on taking care and educating all humans, guiding them to make choices that benefit all humanity and nature, and eliminate discrimination and humans killing humans.

As of today, we’ve created for our children — our Dylan Klebolds and Eric Harris’s, Lee Malvos, Jared Loughners, James Holmes and Adam Lanzas — a country where states are Convenient States, by federal law. How convenient! Hope and change? That’s for the inconvenient folk!

C’mon people: Practical, beautiful, wealthy, educated, physically-fit, mentally-stable, sociably-acceptable folk are conveniently born that way and are more desirable! God Bless Convenient America! We are doing our part to leave less of a footprint!

The belief that in America — the Land of Opportunity — one could rise above their birth and any obstacle with hard work and anti-discrimination laws on their side, is impractical; a waste of resources. Postnatal humans have the right to discriminate against prenatal humans and those very despicable, inconvenient death row humans! A Human Life Amendment? What a waste on the inconvenient! That’s so un-American these days … right? Children?

Laura McGinley Ponce, Gaithersburg