There’s no such thing as a free breakfast -- Gazette.Net


What an article [“Officials push free school breakfasts,” Dec. 19]. A free breakfast? Excuse me, somebody pays for all the food, to the tune of $5.18 million, and it is the taxpayers of this state. Nothing is for free, just the overtaxed citizens of the state of Maryland; they must foot this bill.

Maybe if the parents of these students were more responsible we, the taxpayers of this state, would not have to shell out all this money, because now every parent in this state that can get something for free is going to get on the bandwagon, and the cost is going up.

This cost should be borne by the parents of these students, not those who do not have children in any schools in the state of Maryland. Anytime there is a government program in the state or any other state, federal government, etc., and it is free, just think someone has to pay for it and it is us.

This is why the economy in this county and state and federal government is in rotten shape.

William T. Carbone, Olney