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Andrea Harrison voted in for a rare second term as chair of the Prince George’s County Council. After reading that in another publication, one came away wondering what dealings took place between council members Will Campos, Karen Toles, Derrick L. Davis and Harrison. We the citizens "smell something dead up the creek" because there seemed to be a lot of back-stabbing and throat cutting. Campos got thrown under the bus. He must have not known what was planned for him before he changed and voted against Olson. By doing that, "they" got Olson and Campos out of the way ... of ever attempting to become chair or vice chair. Why were County Executive Rushern L. Baker and former County Executive Wayne Curry mentioned? Were they involved? What key "role" players did what?

We, the citizens of Prince George's County, would hope that there is tough legislation in place to stop people from influence peddling or meddling. Did they learn anything from the Johnson affair? Why was there praise for Harrison before balloting? There are members who should've been voted out ... period. Citizens will not look at these "behind the scene dealmakers" in the same light again.

What is this nonsense about developers, businesses and politicians being worried about Olson's views? His and Baker's views "did not mesh on economic development" according to an article in another publication. That is bull. Olson supported Baker in every way. Olson wanted to see development in District 3 ... along the Route 450 corridor. Who is behind Olson in seeing that the plan goes forth? What about the undeveloped land on the north side of Route 50 in Landover Hills?

Baker and others must realize that there are a lot of voters in District 3 that support Eric Olson. He is a good guy and is very intelligent. He has character, is a man of his word, an outstanding leader and he is fair. Campos and Harrison knows that. He will wind up in Annapolis one day. He is not down and out. This set up is for a bigger comeback.

Something is dead up the creek and it needs to be found.

Roberta Cox and friends in Beacon Heights, Riverdale