Council continuity will aid county’s progress -- Gazette.Net


On behalf of our members, I want to commend the work of Andrea Harrison as chairwoman of the County Council and I applaud her colleagues for recognizing the progress the county has made during her tenure. Council Chairwoman Harrison is a consensus builder with an abiding love of this county and its citizens.

Under County Executive Rushern Bakerís outstanding leadership, the county has dug itself out of the specter of the previous administration and it is on an upward trajectory few could have imagined just two years ago. This is a hard-working council and we appreciate their efforts in achieving so many worthwhile accomplishments in the past 12 months. They have worked together to balance the needs of their constituencies with the needs of the county and they have done so in a manner that reveals their professionalism and dedication.

Council Chairwoman Harrison has been out front and accessible, communicating extensively with constituents about issues that affect public safety, health and environmental stewardship, while never losing sight of the potential for economic prosperity that the county offers to its communities. She participates in community forums and business gatherings both, making certain that she is conversant on matters of consequence to those who call the county home. While she has been at the forefront of larger legislative issues, she has also understood that every detail matters, as she has successfully led internal county efforts to reduce costs by consolidating expenditures.

With term limits in place, continuity is often hard to find, but that doesnít mean it isnít essential to bring the county to its fullest potential, a potential that county residents and businesses agree is within our reach, perhaps for some, for the first time.

Throughout my career in leadership roles, Iíve found that you know youíve succeeded as a leader when consensus is achieved with everyone feeling as though their voices have been heard in the process. Ms. Harrison understands and embraces consensus.

Let us celebrate where the county is going, and let us work together, business groups, civic activists, leaders in the faith community and county residents to ensure the rest of the region is able to recognize Prince Georgeís County as the jewel weíve always known it to be. Andrea Harrison as Chairwoman of our County Council will provide the leadership to work with her colleagues and County Executive Baker to continue our forward progress.


M.H. Jim Estepp, President & CEO, Greater Prince Georgeís Business Roundtable