Regional blues rockers ring in 2013 a bit early at the Weinberg -- Gazette.Net


New Year’s Eve falls on a Monday this year, and for revelers who can’t or don’t want to celebrate that night, there’s an alternative in Frederick.

Welcoming in 2013 is the first — and what could become an annual — New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Shebang with the Deanna Bogart Band on Saturday, Dec. 29, at the Weinberg Center for the Arts.

“It’s more like a party atmosphere than a concert atmosphere,” says John Healey, the Weinberg’s executive theater manager.

Seats will be taken out near the stage to make room for dancing, which is something new for the theater, Healey says.

A satellite bar also will be set up near the front, adding to the one that traditionally serves drinks in the lobby.

The music starts about 8 p.m., but whether it goes to midnight will depend on the crowd, says Bogart.

“You never really want to stop the music if everyone’s having a good time,” she says.

“When the show was booked, John Healey and I realized it could be a wonderful chance to have just a good ol’ fashioned gig/hang/party that would be fun and inexpensive to bring in the new year,” she says.

Bogart also is injecting some interactive fun into the proceedings with a contest, detailed on her website, asking fans to email a resolution for 2013 along with the name of a song that best sums up 2012 for them.

She and the band will play the winning song and also hand out CDs and other prizes for the best resolutions.

“We’re charting this out together — everybody gets a paint brush,” says Bogart about the collaboration with the Weinberg and the audience.

Recently nominated for the Blues Music Awards in Memphis as 2012’s best piano player, Bogart says she and the band will perform songs from her latest album “Pianoland” and some holiday classics.

Playing with her will be Mike Aubin on drums, Dan Leonard on guitar and Scott Ambush, of Frederick, on bass.

Bogart also has invited musicians from her network of long-time collaborators to drop by.

“It’s a Saturday night and over the holidays — you never know who’s working and who’s not,” she says about who might show up.

Celebrating the fact that the world didn’t end on Dec. 21 as predicted by the Mayan calendar, Bogart also will be offering some of her CDs for sale at a discount.

“It’s like the end of the world blowout sale,” she says.

Also available will be copies of the band’s 90-minute DVD called “Everybody Has a Story” that includes performance footage shot at the Weinberg Center two years ago.

Bogart also celebrated the release of the DVD at the venue last year.

Whether she and the band return next year to do another pre-New Year’s Eve party will depend on how the first turns out.

“We won’t know if it’s cool until it happens,” Bogart says.