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I compliment The Gazette on its two excellent articles covering the Rockville Summit 2012. The first and main article, “Balancing progress and preservation is the focus at Rockville Summit,” was printed on Nov. 7. The second “Rockville seeks competitive advantage” was printed on Nov. 21 as a follow-up. The first article was printed on Page A-5 of an election issue and was missed by some readers. The second article was on the front page. I fear that those who saw only the second article may have inferred from it that economic competitiveness was the summit’s main purpose.

Balance was always the main purpose of the months-long summit process. The two summits, in October 2011 and in November 2012, explicitly brought together representatives from Rockville’s five sectors: residents, businesses, education, nonprofits and government. The workforce groups were formed to study: job growth and residential workforce, housing, preservation of Rockville’s character, education and school capacity, transportation and traffic, and city services and budgets. Representatives from each sector made their own choices of which working group to serve on and were well dispersed among the groups.

I was thrilled by the outcomes of the summits. The groups worked long and hard and produced six high-quality reports that will feed into the city’s revision of its master plan and other city policies. In particular, all six groups did a superb job in making recommendations that fit in with wider city goals and explicitly recognized that no one topic can be considered in isolation from others. All goals of the summit were met and for that I thank the many who participated.

Mark Pierzchala, Rockville

The writer is a member of the Rockville City Council.