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These are my predictions for the future of this bold experiment in the organization of society begun in 1776.

I give no differing policies, for that is for others and another time. As the Supreme Court justice said about pornography, “I know it when I see it.”

Ÿ The change in our society’s direction, begun by the strikingly socialistic and euphemistically named “Affordable Care Act,” is a major actor in a series of decisions promulgated by the Obama administration in the first four years of his reign.

With the concomitant regulations required by this act, there will be a room full of contradictions and unintended consequences, which will stymie the citizens and businesses in their search for freedom of action.

Additional attempted and realized decisions by regulatory agencies and presidential decree are beginning to be more pernicious threats to individual liberty and freedom.

ŸThe dichotomy in the application of tax rates and pandering in the tax code to the populist attitudes of redistribution are separating class from class. This separation will finally cause more dissention than good.

Within a few years, this problem of today will become the norm and further degenerate our society to levels of pandering and taxation, which will destroy the original concept of free people making decisions for themselves and having to accept the consequences of those decisions.

ŸThe military, which even today is not as egalitarian as it once was, will become much as the Praetorian Guard was to the Roman society and lose its connection with the overall citizenry. This is not the fault of the military, but the civilian control will be lost should we not reduce our constant use of them for useless foreign policy objectives that cannot be accomplished.

ŸThe oratory of politicians and their celebrity status will continue to be the factors that determine the election results with little regard for the true philosophical issues at hand.

ŸTruth and accuracy in government information will continue to deteriorate so the novel “1984” will no longer be a model of prevarication, but a mere bump on the road to perdition.

ŸThe bifurcation of our society into ethnic, economic, have and have-not or what you will, shall split us asunder.

For two centuries, a common language and belief in a constitution and the precepts of the Declaration of Independence created a melting pot of dissimilar cultures into one. This is being torn apart by multiculturalism theories and will destroy our “E pluribus, unum” motto.

ŸThe slicing away of the rights enumerated in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights will continue to diminish our freedoms and liberty by a Supreme Court that will be stocked with the most progressive and left-leaning group possible by the end of the second term of President Obama.

How long it will take for all this to come to pass is, of course, unknown, but the path is wide and the tendencies are present.

James M. Blass, Mechanicsville