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I would first like to thank my family and friends for their support during the whole campaign season, and the voters of St. Mary’s County who came out to vote in this most important election. I would also like to thank the Education Association of St. Mary’s County and The Enterprise for their endorsement of my candidacy.

I am proud of the campaign that I ran, staying true to my beliefs and focusing on the school system, its current issues and future needs. It is unfortunate that the board of education will not have a parental voice representing all three levels in the school system. It is an important voice and it will surely be missed.

I would ask the members of the board to take a look at their current operations to make it a priority to reach out and engage at various levels on a more cooperative level with the parents in the community. As a parent, I will continue to be involved in the school system and where possible provide my time, talents and expertise to helping move forward the educational system in St. Mary’s County.

James Tomasic, Dameron

The writer was an unsuccessful candidate for the at-large seat on the St. Mary’s County Board of Education in this week’s election.