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Why talk about ALS (Lou Gehrigís disease) on Veterans Day? And why am I, personally, talking about ALS? First, because studies are showing that military veterans are about twice as likely to die from ALS as the general public.

For these heroes and everyone else in the world who is living with ALS, there is no cure. They will die from the disease in an average of just two to five years. Itís news, however, that ALS hits military veterans and football players to a greater extent than other populations.

Why am I writing? Because my mother was a hero, too, though not a military hero or a football player. She suffered greatly from ALS and died, because she never had a chance against this challenge. I loved her and watched helplessly as her mobility and her life slipped away. Maybe I should have waited until Motherís Day to write, but people with ALS suffer every day.

Please support research to find a cure for ALS and stop this scourge that hits many, many more people than we ever thought.

Start today. The website is a good place to start.

Elaine Amir, Rockville