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Rockville officials expect to receive the report from an investigation into the city’s personnel policies and procedures sometime within the next month.

The city hired Saul Ewing LLP in May of this year to conduct the investigation.

Rockville Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio told The Gazette at the time that Rockville had hired the firm to investigate the city’s personnel policies and procedures in light of concerns raised by former city staff members.

Rockville was notified of one complaint filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Marylou Berg said in May. The agency dismissed the complaint.

The original contract with Saul Ewing was effective through Aug. 15 and was limited to $90,000. On Aug. 6, the Mayor and Council extended the contract and increased it to a total of $190,000, due to the amount of time necessary to conduct a thorough investigation and to update the city’s policies and procedures, according Mayor and Council documents.

The city manager and city attorney now expect to receive the report by the end of November.

The city expects Saul Ewing to provide a confidential report of findings and recommendations, as well as suggested revisions to the city’s personnel policies and procedures manual.

“Personnel records are not a matter of public record, and the city is legally and ethically prohibited from disclosing information about personnel matters,” Berg said in a statement. “Accordingly, we will not be able to comment on any personnel matter that may be contained in the report once received.”

The Sentinel, a Montgomery County newspaper, reported earlier this year that five former city employees say their evaluations were unprofessionally conducted, and complaints were not addressed properly by the human resources department.

As part of Saul Ewing’s investigation, the firm set up a private hotline for employees to air grievances, Marcuccio told The Gazette at the time.

“All hotline calls go directly to Saul Ewing attorneys conducting the investigation,” she said.

Saul Ewing requested an extension due to circumstances unrelated to the work being performed for Rockville, Berg’s statement said.