Gaming expansion is a ‘win-win situation’ -- Gazette.Net


Now that the Maryland General Assembly has held a special legislative session on gaming and approved the governor’s request for referendum on the casino issue for the state and Prince George’s County, the county is entering a new era.

Prince George’s County voters will go to the polls in November to decide if we should embrace table games and participate in the projected windfall of $199 million a year for Maryland schools, an estimated $16 million per year in gaming tax revenue for the county and an additional $26 million per year in other tax revenue that analysts forecast will go to the county.

Voters from throughout the great state of Maryland will decide on the expansion of five to six gaming sites, and Prince Georgians will decide if the county will have a casino within its jurisdiction.

A high-end destination casino resort at National Harbor would generate revenue for the state and Prince George’s County by attracting tourists, convention-goers and high-rollers from the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. A positive vote for Question 7 will bring in additional revenue and help Maryland compete with neighboring jurisdictions that already allow table games.

Prince Georgians are looking for alternatives to increased taxes and ways to have more money directed to our schools. A majority vote for Question 7 will provide those missing links that our children so richly deserve. In addition to meeting the needs of the community, opportunities for small and minority-owned businesses will be created. These positives, coupled with the avoidance of spending cuts, tax increases and budgetary constraints, make this a win-win situation for all Prince Georgians. Even though the vote on Question 7 will be an individual choice, collectively we must show our support to ensure favorable results.

Maurice Green, Clinton