Woman released from psychiatric ward four days before Walter Reed hit-and-run, shooting -- Gazette.Net







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Angela A. Cobbold was released from a psychiatric ward just four days before she crashed into several cars and was shot at by security at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda on Tuesday.

Cobbold, who was released from the mental facility Oct. 19, did not appear to have been taking her medication, said Montgomery County Assistant State’s Attorney Peter Feeney at Cobbold’s bond review hearing in Montgomery County District Court on Wednesday.

“She has a significant psychiatric history, and for that reason alone I would ask you to hold her without bond pending an evaluation,” Feeney said. District Court Judge J. Michael Conroy Jr. agreed and ordered Cobbold held without bond until she can undergo a full mental health review to determine her mental state. She is scheduled for a second bond review after that evaluation Oct. 31.

On Tuesday, naval center staff told police they saw Cobbold biting and spitting out soap after her black Mitsubishi allegedly collided with another car outside the north gate to the medical center campus. Cobbold also reportedly ignored orders from various security officials to exit her vehicle.

A public defender represented Cobbold at her bond review.

During the proceedings, Judge Conroy asked her if she was aware of the charges against her, to which Cobbold responded, “I didn’t assault anybody. I was involved in a car accident.” She appeared for the hearing via closed circuit TV and seemed disoriented, at one point being gently restrained by an officer.

The judge also asked her if she wanted to be evaluated by the court. Cobbold said, “Absolutely not.”

When asked if she was aware of the role the defense attorney would play, Cobbold said, “A defense attorney? What is the role of the defense attorney?”

Cobbold’s sister and her sister’s husband were present at the hearing but declined to comment.

Cobbold, 27, of the 7800 block of Blue Gray Circle in Manassas, Va., first entered the driveway leading to the guarded entrance of the medical center campus at 11:50 a.m. Tuesday. She was involved in a traffic collision with another vehicle when she tried to make a U-turn back toward Md. 355, said Capt. Paul Starks, a county police spokesman.

After ignoring attempts by security officers to assess the accident, Cobbold left the campus but quickly returned to the same entrance, where she was approached by a Department of Defense police officer, Starks said. Cobbold allegedly again ignored authorities and, when the police officer broke two of her car windows in an attempt to reach her, backed into his cruiser, drove over the sidewalk and turned her vehicle toward another security officer standing near the intersection with Md. 355, Starks said.

“It is at that point that another federal officer allegedly discharged his firearm as her vehicle was driving toward his position in the intersection with [Md.] 355,” he said.

County police caught up with Cobbold after she had fled campus, driving north in the southbound lanes of Md. 355 headed toward Rockville, Starks said. She got into a second accident on Nebel Street near the intersection with Old Georgetown Road, Starks said.

In addition to the first-degree assault charge, police also charged Cobbold with reckless endangerment.

Cobbold was taken to a local hospital for evaluation after her arrest.