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Kathleen Cook, a Rockville resident and registered Republican, believes President Barack Obama has failed the American people.

Cook said she is confident that Massachusetts Senator Mitt Romney will be able to make the right decisions for the country.

“President Obama criticizes Mitt Romney about sending jobs overseas,” she said. But, Romney was acting “in the best interest of his company, for which he was financially responsible,” she said.

Cook, 47, works for a technology company in Gaithersburg, and said she has been underemployed over the last four years. When she was in the job market a few years ago, she said she was limited by the slow economy.

“I didn’t feel like I had any options,” she said.

Around the country, Cook said she has seen little improvement in cities like Detroit, which were hit hard by the recession.

As a conservative voter, Cook said, she values being able to decide what to do “with the money in my own pocket.” When the government is involved in spending, “there is a lot of waste,” she said.

Cook briefly worked for a government agency, where she saw that waste “firsthand,” she said.

In terms of hot-topic issues, Cook plans to vote against same-sex marriage. She is in favor of the gambling bill.

“Everyone I know who gambles goes to West Virginia to gamble,” she said, and profits could be captured for Maryland if it expanded its own casinos.

What concerns Cook most about the election is the possibility of Obama being re-elected, she said.

“People will re-vote Obama in,” she said, “though he’s failed.”