Puppy, boy recovering after pit bull attack in Germantown -- Gazette.Net


Moments after Max Mesa took his new puppy Drake for a walk Oct. 6, a pair of pit bulls set upon them.

“I heard this horrible screaming and barking,” said Germantown resident Larry Solomon Tuesday. He ran outside to see the two pit bulls trying to “dismember” Drake.

“No one wants to see a puppy ripped to shreds by two pit bulls,” he said.

He and several other neighbors tried to pull the dogs off Max, 10, and Drake.

The two dogs “didn’t even seem to notice I was there,” Solomon added.

Max was visiting his grandparents, Miguel and Tarazila Paz of Quail Woods Drive in Germantown. His uncle, Fabian Paz, was also there.

“I went out, saw Max carrying Drake all bloody,” Fabian Paz said.

Max suffered some scratches and bites to his arms, he said.

“He was bit in both arms, they’re swollen, but he’s doing fine. ... He just wants to see his dog.”

It wasn’t until Fabian Paz picked up Drake that he realized how badly the pup had been hurt, he said.

“Then I saw his leg dangling, and took him to the vet right away.”

One of the two dogs that attacked Max and Drake has already been euthanized, according to Montgomery County Animal Control officials. The second dog, Legion, was still in the care of the county as of Tuesday.

The two pit bulls had been involved in another attack just a few days before. Omar Amaya, who lives just a few doors down from Max’s grandparents, said that his wife was walking their two dogs when the two pit bulls pounced on them. “They overpowered him easily,” Amaya said, referring to Rhino, his medium-sized pit bull.

“They are very loyal and strong,” he said. “It’s a bad combination when paired with irresponsible owners.”

Drake has been recuperating at the Lake Forest Animal Hospital in Gaithersburg, where he has been a “good little patient,” according to veterinary hospital officials, who have had to keep him sedated for much of the last 10 days because of his injuries and to keep him from moving around too much.

Two of his legs were broken in the attack, along with his jaw, and half of his ear was torn off. He also received lacerations all over his body, hospital officials said.

Family members were told Drake’s total bill will total between $5,000 and $6,000, Fabian Paz said, a sum that’s “going to be pretty difficult to pay.”

The family has started a fundraiser page to help pay for the bill, and have raised over $600 so far. To make a donation, visit www.giveforward.com/drakerecovery.