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I just read an article in The Gazette, [the American Humanist Association] complaint with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission asking for removal of The Bladensburg Memorial Peace Cross and threatening legal action if M-NCPPC does not remove it. I strongly object.

I am not a member of any established religion, and I am a strong supporter of our constitutional right to freedom of (and in my mind from) religion. I agree with the principals and values expressed by [the] organization in [its] “about” page. You should also know that I am not offended by any religious practices of others and take pleasure from many forms of religious art and music. I have working and friendship relationships with people of many religions, and it troubles me not. I enjoy living in a diverse culture. Also, there are many religious buildings and artifacts in our region. They harm no one and do not impose values on others. (You would need to go to meetings or read the literature for that.)

I was honorably discharged as a veteran of the U.S. Army and was proud to serve my country from August 1961 until July 1964.

What I find offensive and unenlightened about your request is: 1. that it denies others their constitutional freedom of religion; 2. that it does not in any way proscribe any religious belief on others as your actions would imply it does; and, 3. that it dishonors the sacrifice of those for whom it was erected and the sentiments of those who had it erected.

Surely you have better, more humanitarian things to do.

Phillip M. Busch, Hyattsville