Remember why the traffic’s bad in Bethesda -- Gazette.Net


Tone down the criticism of the traffic situation in Bethesda. Anyone who frequently drives the section of Md. 355 in front of the Military Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health has no doubt been stuck in heavy traffic due in large part to construction and congestion.

Perhaps when waiting for the light near the hospital has anyone taken the time to look around and see the increased number of brave young men missing limbs that this facility strives to take care of?

I donít like to wait in traffic any more then the next person. But before we air out our frustration, take a minute to reflect on who our new neighbors are. They are the wounded warriors, their families and caregivers. Most of us did not have to sacrifice very much at all in the last decade of war. These men and women sure did.

Maybe while here in Montgomery County some of these men and women will have occasion to read papers like The Gazette. I for one do not want them to feel as though the care they are receiving is a burden to those of us in traffic.

Remember, Bethesda is served by three metro stops in close proximity and a very good commuter bike trail.

Chuck Welter, Bethesda