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Our Lady of Good Counsel High School football coach Bob Milloy was reviewing film on Sept. 22 of his team's victory against Gonzaga earlier in the day. Milloy, of course, knew Dorian O'Daniel had run for 329 yards, but until seeing it a second time, the coach hadn't fully appreciated it.

So, he immediately called O'Daniel to congratulate him.

“I didn't realize what was really going on,” Milloy said. “…You just never relax until the final whistle blows, and I didn't really get a chance to sit back and watch that kid do his work. I did on that film when I got home. I went, 'Oh my God. What a player.'”

Milloy is catching up to what many already see. O'Daniel, who's committed to Clemson as a linebacker, has run for 591 yards and 10 touchdowns on 87 carries for Good Counsel (4-1).

He and his teammates face a big challenge this Friday with DeMatha — a matchup that pits the top-ranked teams in Montgomery County and Prince George's County. Good Counsel has won two straight against DeMatha — its longest winning streak in the series since at least 2006 — including a 35-21 victory last season.

“Last year, they had a 6-4 year — probably their worst in 40 years,” Milloy said. “And were 12-0. But it was 21-21 in the fourth quarter. I don't care how good we are or how bad they are or the other way around, they're going to play hard against us.”

In that game, O'Daniel had three touchdowns — an effort Milloy, looking back, said “pretty much won” the game. O'Daniel didn't return phone calls for this story.

Milloy actually has a history of not savoring O'Daniel's running ability. When he scouted O'Daniel as an eighth grader, Milloy noticed him more as a defensive end.

But after a recruitment that included significant interest from DeMatha, O'Daniel ended up Good Counsel's top running back.

At the Olney school, O'Daniel's bright personality hasn't gone unnoticed by Milloy, though.

“He's a kid you'd just take home with you,” Milloy said. “If he didn't have a place to live, he could stay at my house. He's just a fun guy and good, high-moral, classy boy.”

Good Counsel receiver Kirk Garner, even after O'Daniel's 329 yards against Gonzaga, has never shared Milloy's problem.

“I always know what he can do,” Garner said of O'Daniel. “I see him in practice every day. I know his speed. I know everything he can do. I'm just happy he completes a rush or a touchdown.”

Does O'Daniel ever surprise him with a rush?

“Nah,” Garner said. “Dorian, he's been running the ball since little league, so it's pretty much in him.”

Milloy, for his part, is getting on that same page.

“I've got seven more games with him,” Milloy said, “and I'm going to enjoy it.”