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Students at Wood Acres Elementary School in Bethesda were among students from an estimated 40 Montgomery County schools who took part in Walk to School Day on Wednesday, Oct 3.

Annabelle Koss, 8, a third-grader, said she usually takes the bus to school but walked the almost 1-mile route with her father Wednesday.

“[It’s] to save energy from cars that pollute with smoke,” Annabelle said.

Her father, Fabian Koss, said he enjoyed the walk.

“It’s uphill but it feels good,” he said. “It’s nice to spend the time with Annabelle.”

Another walker was County Council President Roger Berliner, who joined parents and students walking from a nearby intersection to the school.

“This is good to promote walking to school. It’s good for our children’s health, it’s good to reduce pollution and it creates good old-fashioned community,” Berliner said.

As students and adults arrived at the front of the school they were given a round green sticker reading “I walked,” along with bagels and bananas.

The hoopla was in celebration of the school’s first-time participation in Walk to School Day, an international initiative planned to raise awareness of the need for walkable communities.

“We have a strong base of people who walk but we also have a lot of [traffic] congestion, so we wanted to encourage people to get out and walk,” said Kate Mindlin, PTA Green Team co-chair.

Val Gendleman and her three children also walked to school Wednesday.

“The kids loved it. This is a great way to start the day. I think we will do it more often,” Gendleman said.