Cross should not be used as symbol for military actions -- Gazette.Net


As a Christian, I agree with the American Humanist Association and others who believe that the Memorial Peace Cross in Bladensburg at the intersection of Route 1 and Bladensburg Road should be taken down, although I have different reasons than they do. As the government cannot establish religion, the argument for allowing the Peace Cross to remain is that it is not primarily a religious symbol. Instead, it is considered a general symbol of sacrifice, of what the veterans of World War I did.

I do not want the cross of Christ to be used for militaristic and patriotic purposes. The cross is not a symbol of the sacrifice of violent people with weapons defending a country while they try to kill people from other countries; it is the symbol of the son of God dying peacefully, telling his followers to put down their weapons, and dying for the sake of hope for the forgiveness and salvation of even those who put him to death.

I believe that using the cross as a symbol of what our military did is blasphemy, equivalent to taking the Lord's name in vain, using the cross where God and Christ would not want it to be used. The Peace Cross is there as a Christian symbol. It is not just a “t” or a plus sign. It should be used only for the purpose of praising Christ, not for praising our military, so if it’s not going to be used for praising Christ, please instead just take it down.

The Rev. Brian P. Adams is pastor of Mount Rainier Christian Church.