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I agree with Edward Baber that we should heed God's word in our lives (The Gazette, “Giving God the benefit of the doubt,” Aug. 16), but His word has been seriously misunderstood in the debate over same-sex marriage.

Genesis 19 condemns inhospitality, not homosexuality. Jesus confirms this in Luke 10:12 when he warns his disciples against people's inhospitality.

God does indeed specify male-female union in Genesis. But Jesus told us how to apply that law. In Matthew 19:12, he noted that there are several groups that do not need to follow the man-woman definition of marriage. Among those groups are “eunuchs who are born that way.” Eunuchs were entrusted to attend females because they were not attracted to them, and the conventional way to achieve this was to castrate a man. But Jesus tells us that some men are actually born without attraction to women and, thus, need not follow the conventional marriage norms specified in Genesis.

Justice demands that we give homosexuals who seek loving, lifelong, monogamous relationships the opportunity to marry and build families just as heterosexuals are allowed to do. Such persons are already professing members of our faith communities. We need to move beyond our misunderstandings and any biases and allow for what Jesus indicates is allowed.

Todd Reitzel, Beltsville