17 cheeseburgers in 10 minutes nets competitive eater a $500 prize -- Gazette.Net







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Last week, five contestants gathered in Bethesda with one goal: To consume a ridiculous quantity of cheeseburger sliders.

After 10 minutes, “Munchin’” Mike Longo, a professional competitive eater, emerged as the winner after eating 17 cheesburger sliders.

BGR The Burger Joint sponsored the National Cheeseburger Slider Eating Championships on Sept. 18, dubbed National Cheeseburger Day. This is the first year the BGR competition has been held.

The beef patties at the heart of the competition were served on miniature potato rolls topped with slices of cheddar cheese.

Longo, who holds four national eating championships, took home a $500 cash prize for his efforts.

Tiran Hill of Silver Spring, general manager of BGR The Burger Joint in Bethesda, finished 11 burgers to place second and got a $200 BGR gift card. This is not the first time Hill has participated in an eating contest, but he doesn’t plan to take up professional eating anytime soon.

“I don’t want to see another burger for a week,” he said, laughing.

Jonathan Henderson of Greenbelt finished eight burgers to place third and win a $100 gift card. Crystal Wicker of Fort Washington finished six burgers, and Sam Greenberg of Rockville finished five.