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Maredith Management, a community association, condominium and office management firm, held a seminar Sept. 16 on homeowners association collections.

The Waldorf company invited community leaders involved in association governance to attend the seminar.

Guest speakers included retired Judge Steven G. Chappelle of the 7th Circuit Court of Maryland and Susan Rapaport, secretary of the Maryland Legislative Action Committee for the Community Associations Institute. Also in attendance was CAI executive director Sarah Patterson.

The seminar included attorneys specializing in HOA collections and collection agencies.

“Foreclosures, job losses and the general economic downturn have put the squeeze on the books for homeowners associations nationwide, and we recognize this is a topic that requires more discussion than the quarterly board meeting or monthly collection report,” Megan C. Quinn, Maredith’s chief operations officer, said in a news release. “It was apparent that our clients and community leaders recognized this as well with more than 27 different associations represented Sunday, some with multiple board members in attendance.”

Chappelle thanked the audience members for their community service and called the panel assembled at the seminar experts who would ensure that those in attendance would leave well versed in collection law and procedures.

Lucretia Denson, president of an HOA in Waldorf, said the seminar was “a first-rate event. Just knowing that our association isn’t experiencing the collection/delinquency issues alone, was comforting.”

Kathy Cummings, who serves as the secretary of an HOA said, “It was an excellent panel with a wealth of information presented in layman’s terms for us to understand the nuts and bolts of HOA collections.”

Maredith Management provides services to more than 60 clients in various stages of development. Maredith is certified as an Accredited Association Management Company by the Community Associations Institute and earned the Charles County Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Small Business of the Year Award.