Rick Curl banned from USA Swimming after accepting sanction -- Gazette.Net


Prominent swim coach Rick Curl was banned permanently from USA Swimming after he accepted the organization’s requested sanction Wednesday, according to a release from USA Swimming.

Curl waived his right to the hearing scheduled for Wednesday before USA Swimming’s National Board of Review and voluntarily gave up his USA Swimming membership.

The board added Curl to a list of 60 individuals banned from membership with the organization.

Curl faces allegations from former swimmer Kelley Currin, who said Curl sexually abused her over a four-year period in the 1980s, beginning when she was 13 and he was 33. Currin recently released a settlement agreement detailing an exchange of $150,000 for her and her family’s silence about the allegations.

Curl’s attorney, Thomas J. Kelly Jr., could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday.

“I am happy to hear that Rick Curl may finally be starting to accept responsibility for what he did to me,” Currin said in a separate release. “I can now only hope that USA Swimming will accept responsibility for refusing to ban Rick Curl when they had knowledge to do so.”

Robert Allard, Currin’s attorney, said Curl’s banning “is only the first of what we hope are many steps, including imprisonment...”

“The decision on behalf of Mr. Curl to capitulate without a public hearing conclusively demonstrates that each and every one of the allegations that my client presented are completely 100% true and accurate,” Allard said in the release.

Allard said they will continue to look into how much USA Swimming knew about Curl’s acts and why they did not take action until now.

Curl was the coach of Olympic medalist Tom Dolan and was the founder of the hugely successful Curl-Burke Swim Club. That club is now operating under a new name, Nation’s Capital Swim Club, and ownership after the allegations against Curl surfaced.