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All of Prince George’s, especially residents of Fort Washington and Oxon Hill, should be outraged at the plans to put a casino at National Harbor.

Since I relocated to Fort Washington 14 years ago, there has not been a single store built off the 210 corridor, but they put a whole harbor site in. Bowie has gotten a town center and Brandywine/301 has gotten a whole new corridor with a variety of stores for their residents. What has Fort Washington/Oxon Hill gotten? Nothing but more traffic and dump sites.

No one has even mentioned the outlet stores they plan to put in close proximity to the Plateau. Being from Virginia, I always thought Fort Washington was one of the most affluent areas to live. I hate it here — dump trucks messing up the streets, no full-service grocery store, not to mention clothing stores. The residents need to ask, “Where is the money?” The current lottery is supposed to supplement the schools. They are finally rebuilding Oxon Hill; that’s one of many, many schools that are in need of repair.

Oxon Hill Road (on the harbor side) is a joke. Why? Because only residents of Fort Washington and Oxon Hill use it. I keep hearing from people who don’t live on this side, “The casino is a done deal.”

If the residents of Fort Washington and Oxon Hill don’t get out and fight against this, then they deserve what they get. Residents need to follow the money and see what contributions our leaders have received.

This whole casino plan stinks, and the residents of Fort Washington and Oxon Hill will have to deal with the smell for a long time. Casino revenues may bring in more money, but for whom?

Renee C. Hicks, Fort Washington