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I cannot disagree more strongly with the comments of Billy Shreve (“A duty to question library funding,” Aug. 16) regarding his self-proclaimed “moral and fiscal” obligation as a county commissioner to regulate our library system.

My daughter and I generally visit one or more Frederick County library locations every week. As a result, my 4-year old daughter can read better than most first-graders. I imagine Mr. Shreve and his intellectual compatriots would scoff at this since he most certainly would not have approved of the intellectual value of many of the materials, including a multitude of DVDs we have borrowed from the library.

Certainly not every item in the library is to my taste. However, I am open-minded enough to understand that the library provides access for a tremendous number of citizens with a variety of abilities, interests and needs. By the way, several of the materials mentioned in Mr. Shreve’s commentary sounded so interesting I attempted to put them on hold. However, despite Mr. Shreve’s claim they are “ludicrous,” there is such a demand, I’ll have to wait months to borrow them.

Mr. Shreve’s commentary lost credibility, especially when he noted that “every county tax dollar spent is being closely scrutinized by this board.”

Numerous examples prove the lack of due diligence. Have you forgotten the millions of tax dollars spent by the commissioners on the Ballenger Creek walking trail purportedly to ensure our citizens can walk from New Design road to Ballenger Creek Park? Clearly, in that decision, Mr. Shreve expressed his complete lack of familiarity with the concept of “sidewalks” — paved walkways alongside the road —- which have existed for decades connecting Ballenger Creek neighborhoods. Or, consider the commissioners’ decision to force taxpayers to pay for the printing and mailing of $100 property tax rebate checks rather than credit the next payment.

Perhaps one day, Mr. Shreve, you might visit one of our public library locations. Just perhaps, if you do, you might notice the professionalism and good work done by our librarians. My 4-year-old admires them so much so that she dreams of becoming a librarian.

That’s quite a discrepancy from your own portrayal of a politician as having “an understandably bad connotation in our society.” I pray that with these shenanigans we still have a library system in Frederick when she grows up. In the meantime, Mr. Shreve needs to get his priorities straight.

Rebecca Bish, Frederick