Guns and the criminal mind -- Gazette.Net


Mr. Blair Lee is way off base with his divisive editorial on gun control.

Gun control may not be the answer but it is a necessity. I do not consider myself an elitist but since I do not live on a farm, Mr. Blair says I am.

I own firearms, wine and iPhones but only the firearms can kill innocent people. Regardless of what Hollywood glorifies or doesn't, I am tired of people with 60-round magazine loaded guns killing ordinary citizens.

The Second Amendment allows us to own firearms but not to threaten society. The idea of “armed citizenry” ensuring freedom is passe. It may have been possible in the 18th century, it is myth in the 21st century. You do not need weapons of this engorged fire power to defend your castle or to use hunting. Society needs a little leverage with this criminal mentality when it comes to gun control.

Art Slesinger, Darnestown