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In response to “Bicyclist not a scourge” [Maryland Independent, July 27], Maryland law 21-1205.1 (a) (1) states: Cyclists may operate on the shoulder of a roadway where the posted speed limit exceeds 50 mph unless otherwise prohibited.

But what about the roads that do not have shoulders where speed limits are set at 50? Most roads in Nanjemoy do not have any shoulders on them at all and the speed limits are set at 50 mph. Cyclists constantly ride on these roads in groups.

While a few cyclists do get as far over to the side of the road as they can and form a single-file line, the vast majority do not. This is very unsafe for both the cyclist and the motorist.

I would not begrudge anybody who prefers to ride a bike over a car for the environment or for personal enjoyment. All I ask is that the cyclists be smart about what they are doing.

If a car is coming, get as far to the side as possible and form a single-file line if riding with others. Do not stay in the middle of the lane with other cyclists on either side of you. Also, stop at stop signs; if you want to ride on the roads, obey the traffic laws.

I was raised that if a car is coming and I am in the road then I need to move as far to the side as possible, whether I was walking or riding my bike. Today, cyclists and pedestrians believe that they have the right of way wherever they may be. They ride or walk right out into the roadway most of the time, oblivious to what is going on around them or just not caring. And if they happen to get hit by a car, they feel they have the right to sue the person who hit them even if the pedestrian (or cyclist) was actually at fault.

If we are going to share the road among automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians, then everybody needs to follow the law and respect others. Do not think that just because you are cycling or walking that you can do whatever you want.

While being inconvenienced and taking it personally might be a small example of what is wrong with our country today, a larger example would be the lack of common sense by pedestrians and cyclists.

Billy Hales, Nanjemoy