Frederick commissioners jokingly propose reality TV program -- Gazette.Net


Meetings of the Frederick County Board of Commissioners aren’t generally known for their levity, but two commissioners Thursday joking proposed a new reality show to help highlight agriculture in the county.

The light-hearted moment came during a presentation by Helen Riddle, head of the county Business Development and Retention Division, on a series of video segments the county is helping to produce about Frederick County’s farming community.

Commissioner David Gray (R) asked if the series would focus at all on agricultural tourism, and Riddle confirmed that it would.

Gray said some farms in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County host visitors for a weekend to give them a taste of life on the farm, which Gray said had taught him a lot when he had participated.

Commissioners’ President Blaine Young (R), chimed in that he thinks most Americans’ only exposure to life on the farm may have been through the Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie reality show, “The Simple Life,” which aired on the cable network E! from 2003-2007.

Young joked that the county’s series may have to spice things up to compete with other reality shows.

“I think we live in a reality world, and a lot of drama and a lot of competition with what’s popular on the cable networks,” Young said.

“We need the Kardashians to come and be a part of our farms, live on our farms for three days,” Riddle answered.

With that, Young turned to Gray, with whom he’s clashed on a variety of issues, and said: “David, I’ve got an idea. Me and you could get shacked up in a farmhouse for a week, and prove we can cohabitate together and work on the farm.”

“That would be an accomplishment,” Gray answered, laughing.

“David and Blaine out milking the cows.... Now that’s something we might be able to get some sponsors!” Young said.

“We can call it ‘Blaine’s World,’” chimed in Commissioner Billy Shreve (R).