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Prince George’s County Fire/EMS and Animal Management officials successfully rescued two newborn kittens from the storm drain behind an office building in Beltsville on Friday.

At around 1:30 p.m., county Fire/EMS personnel climbed into a three-foot storm drain behind an office building at 13204 Baltimore Ave. and rescued the kittens, which county Animal Management officials estimated to be no more than two days old.

Mark Brady, a spokesman for the county fire/EMS department, said employees of the office building heard the kittens crying Thursday evening. When they returned to work Friday morning, they continued to hear the cries for help and contacted the fire/EMS department.

Brady said the rescue was not treated as an emergency call, but the incident was handled by fire fighters, EMS personnel, members of the department’s technical rescue group as well as Animal Management officials.

“We determined it to be a simple rescue, but we still took every precaution,” Brady said. “We had air [quality] indicators and made sure everyone had the proper safety equipment [before entering the storm drain].”

Brady said it is not uncommon for cats to use the sewer system for shelter or safe travel. There was no sign as to where the mother of the litter had been, although officials suspected she met an ill fate.

“She wouldn’t just leave them here,” he said.

The kittens will be sent to a cat rescue group for fostering until they are around 8 weeks old, at which point they will be old enough for adoption, officials said.