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The cameras have been reactivated. After eight days without facing repercussions, anyone who runs a red light at one of the seven camera-protected intersections in Frederick will receive an unpleasant notice in the mail.

Mayor Randy McClement (R) and the five-member Frederick Board of Aldermen held an emergency meeting Friday and unanimously approved a 90-day contract with American Traffic Solutions to keep the red-light cameras active while a long-term contract is negotiated.

McClement said he had the cameras turned off July 26 because he was unwilling to extend a contract with the company after the board voted to table a five-year contract at a July 19 meeting.

The major sticking point in the five-year pact was the amount of money American Traffic Solutions wanted. Under the current contract, the city receives $44 from each $75 citation issued by the company. But the proposed contract would provide the city only $33 for each citation.

The increased cost to the city would be offset by the installation of more cameras and upgrading the existing cameras, resulting in more revenue for the city, said Lt. Jason Keckler, commander of the Community Services Division for the Frederick Police Department.

Under the 90-day contract, the city will get $31 per citation, according to city documents.

The city has seen a 59 percent reduction in accidents at the locations with cameras, Keckler said. Increased safety was the department’s motivation for recommending an increase in the number of cameras, he said.

The city has had red-light cameras since 2005. Since peaking in 2008 with 7,334 citations, the number issued has dropped from 6,369 in 2009; to 6,249 in 2010; 6,100 in 2011 and 2,661 through June of this year.

The seven intersections in Frederick currently armed with the cameras include East 3rd and N. East streets; East Patrick Street and Monocacy Boulevard; Motter Avenue and West 7th Street; Opposumtown Pike and Thomas Johnson Drive; Rosemont Avenue and Montevue Lane; Rosemont Avenue and U.S. 15 and Willowdale Drive and Key Parkway.