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Three people living in an Indian Head apartment building have been charged with beating a man unconscious and robbing him inside one of the apartments last week.

The man, 29, told police that Jessica Lynn Winkler, 21, invited him over to her apartment via text message July 23, according to charging papers.

When he arrived at the apartment, Winkler immediately began texting on her cellphone again, the man said. As he closed and locked Winkler’s door behind him, she asked the man to unlock the door, the papers state.

The man was about to leave Winkler’s apartment when her boyfriend, Giovanni Anthony Carmichael, 24, and another man barged in armed with a black shotgun and silver handgun, respectively, court records state.

The victim, who knew Carmichael, said he and the other male began striking him in the head and face with their guns and fists, both threatening to kill him, the papers state. At one point, the man heard a gunshot and saw smoke coming from one of the two firearms.

The man said Carmichael and the other male stole $6 and a $7 pack of cigarettes from him, the papers state. Beaten unconscious, the man was carried outside and left beside the apartment building, where police found him.

Having sustained several cuts and bruises to his face, shoulders and knees during the fight, the man was taken to Civista Medical Center, where he was diagnosed with a concussion and received four stitches both above his eye and under his lip, according to court records.

Later that day, while executing a search warrant of Winkler’s apartment, detective Corey D. Wimberly found a black pump-action shotgun and a spent shotgun shell in the bedroom, along with Carmichael’s passport. Wimberly also noticed damage to a section of the apartment’s ceiling and wall, which suggested it had been blasted with a shotgun, the papers state.

A couple of days after the assault, Wimberly spoke to Winkler, who confirmed the victim’s story. She admitted to sending Carmichael a text message letting him know the victim had arrived at their apartment, claiming “the plan was to scare [the victim] so he would stop calling her,” charging papers state. The plan went awry when the man “began fighting” with Carmichael for control of the shotgun, the records state.

Winkler said Carmichael’s shotgun went off during the beating and put bullet holes in the wall.

She added that the victim was knocked unconscious during the beating and that Carmichael and the other assailant, their friend Alex Christian Trollinger, 19, carried him out of the apartment and down some steps outside of the building. She confirmed that the shotgun Wimberly found in her apartment was the same one used by Carmichael during the assault.

When the trio heard police sirens, they ran to Trollinger’s nearby apartment and hid, Winkler said. She and Carmichael have been dating for the past three years and had been living in their apartment for three weeks at the time of the assault, she added.

The victim, who did not know Trollinger, was shown his picture and immediately identified him as the assailant armed with a silver handgun, the documents state.

Investigators spoke to other witnesses who indicated the victim had gone to Winkler’s apartment to buy drugs, the papers state.

Police arrested Trollinger July 26 and Winkler the next day. Both have been charged with first- and second-degree assault, armed robbery, use of a handgun in commission of a violent crime and theft.

An arrest warrant has been filed for Carmichael and detectives are seeking his whereabouts, police said. Anyone with information should call Wimberly at 301-609-6491.