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About 67,000 Frederick County homeowners could get some money back if the Board of County Commissioners votes to approve a tax credit.

The $100 credit, which would apply to owner-occupied properties, could be issued as a check to homeowners if passed by the five-member board.

At their July 12 meeting, the commissioners voted to schedule a public hearing on Aug. 2 on an ordinance to establish the credit.

During meetings on the fiscal 2013 budget, discussions were held on lowering the county’s real property tax rate by several cents per $100 of assessed value because of a fund balance left over from fiscal 2011 that was required to be used by fiscal 2013, according to county documents.

Due to the uncertainty of how much money would be available from funding sources outside county government such as state government, the commissioners budget committee — composed of commissioners President Blaine R. Young (R) and several county staff members — recommended a one-time rebate to homeowners in the form of a tax credit.

When the commissioners adopted the general fund budget in June, they set $6.7 million aside to fund the tax credit. The total estimated cost of the initiative is expected to be $6,749,185, including the cost of printing and mailing the checks.

If a home’s net county real property tax is less than $100, a credit for the amount of the tax would be applied to its account.