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A Baltimore County teenager has pleaded guilty in a St. Mary’s courtroom to misdemeanor assault and burglary charges from an incident last fall at a St. Inigoes home that left him with a bullet wound in his foot.

George B. Williams, who was attending St. Mary’s College of Maryland when he was arrested last November, was accompanied by his parents at last week’s plea hearing, where a prosecutor detailed the predawn confrontation.

Michael Paul Gaydar, his wife and three daughters were in their home when Williams removed a window screen, raised a window in the area of the front door and climbed inside, St. Mary’s Deputy State’s Attorney Theodore Weiner said. Gaydar initially saw someone else walking by his bedroom window, prompting him to take a pistol out of a nightstand, the prosecutor said, and Gaydar found Williams and ordered him to lie down, while putting a hand on the intruder’s shoulder.

Williams initially complied, as Gaydar and his wife called 911, the prosecutor said, but after the couple’s oldest daughter came out of her second-floor bedroom, and her father asked her to look for other intruders, Williams jumped up off the floor and he and Gaydar tumbled outside the door and down the front steps.

“There was a tussle back and forth,” Weiner said, and Gaydar fired the gun twice, one round striking Williams in the foot before he ran into nearby woods, where police with dogs later found him and took him into custody.

Bryan T. Dugan, Williams’ lawyer, said of his client, “He was extremely intoxicated that night and does not have a firm recollection.”

Dugan said his client has no knowledge of anyone else being with him on the property, and that the gunshot round went into Williams’ heel and exited from his foot. The lawyer said Williams is living at home and working seven days a week.

St. Mary’s Circuit Judge Karen Abrams ordered at the close of the July 6 proceeding that Williams, who will turn 20 on Saturday, remain free on personal recognizance while a presentence investigation report is compiled from his guilty pleas to second-degree assault and fourth-degree burglary.