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Pepco is taking quite a bit of heat after an extreme storm system known as a derecho rampaged its way through the area. The storm knocked out quite a bit of infrastructure and left hundreds of thousands of people throughout the region in the dark.

Since the storm, I have read countless articles and seen numerous interviews where citizens without power are scolding Pepco for inaction.

Even County Executive Ike Leggett and Gov. Martin O'Malley joined the fray in pointing the finger at Pepco.

A lot of people in this area do not realize the amount of labor, engineering and manpower that goes into repairing the electrical infrastructure. I honestly think that a majority of people think that all Pepco has to do is plug in a few wires and the lights magically come back on. They couldn't be more wrong.

In some instances, Pepco has to completely re-engineer a section of the system or completely rebuild complex equipment and infrastructure, which takes a significant amount of time and planning. I have a solution for people who cannot live without air-conditioning or television: get a generator or move somewhere where there are no trees and stop blaming Pepco for all of your problems.

John Foley, Silver Spring