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Frederick Community College announces its deanís list for the spring semester,.

Students making the list must have earned 12 or more credits, completed at least six credits during the semester, and earned a grade point average of 3.5 or better.

Credits must consist of 100 and 200 level courses that fulfill degree requirements.

Congratulations to the following students:

Emmitsburg: Tyler J. Bodnar, Courtney Bomberger, Christy N. Burriss, Sarah M. Crone, Brian L. Getz, Luke E. Howard, Jessica N. Little, Julie A. Morris, Matthew O'Donnell, Hope Ridenour, Kathleen Sweeney, Jacqueline Vitale, Thomas J. Ward, and Juliann N. Youngblood.

Keymar: Stephanie M. Brandt and Brittany L. Smith.

Rocky Ridge: Amber E. Humerick and Jonathan G. Novic.

Sabillasville: Diana L. Gouker, Jennifer K. Grimes, Angelia L. Kendle, Justine N. Martinez, and Marissa Tyler.

Thurmont: Travis M. Bewley, Megan L. Bradshaw, Hope J. Brown, Patrick Burke, Madalyn M. Burns, J.C. Burrier, James S. Burrier, Kristine L. Burrier, Brittney Colburn, Alyson S. Dignan, Cory C. Goodwin, Harold H. Hahn, Joan L. Hurley, Lisa A. Jones, Brent M. Lawyer, Elizabeth R. Linker, Garrett A. Miller, Steven G. Miller, Craig A. Nowaczyk, James Oertel, Helen O. Phillips, Lisa A. Rednowers, Dawn R. Reed, Michael L. Roelkey, Joseph L. Rogers, Michael Q. Schildt, Heather D. Smith, Brianna M. Starmer, Elizabeth A. Stockman, Jolene K. Tennent, Taylor R. Topper, Lacee M. Valentine, Brian R. Waesche, Stephen P. Waesche, Sara E. Weigman, Linda Ye, and Nicole E. Young.

Walkersville: Akossiwa Ayayi, Karen E. Baldwin, Robyn Ballew, Matthew T. Barr, Mary E. Barrows, Julie A. Bellafiore, Lisa C. Bellafiore, Sensovann S. Bennici, Christopher M. Bierman, Samuel A. Biggus, Danielle D. Biolette, Kelly Bricker, Courtney M. Brown, Eric E. Cavell, Tinyade Chitekwe, Karen M. Colabucci, Jessica Cooper, Colby R. Crouse, Gregory J. Dayhoff, Kelly L. Dietrich, Jessica L. Dreisonstok, Katelyn M. Freeman, James J. Gay, Katelyn A. Grove, Billy A. Hall, Leah Harbordt, Jennifer M. Jacobson, Kathleen S. Jacobson, Ashley N. Kelly, Melissa N. Kelly, Audrey M. Lebel, Kayla M. McKee, Meghan L. McNally, Brendan R. Michielli, Caitlin N. Minton, Lyndsey Mullen, Linsey E. Ngyele, Protus E. Njume, Elizabeth M. Ovando-Ringling, Nga N. Pham, Alanna C. Poole, Samuel W. Pritt, Orlena R. Riner, Tyler P. Shaw, Sheena Soler, Meghan E. Wall, Heather A. Walsh, Abigail M. Wells, Ron R. Wells, Chasten L. White, Kirsten C. Wiles, Michelle L. Williams, Elizabeth L. Zareva, and Nicole D. Zetts

Woodsboro: Michael Blaney, William B. Denning, Gary B. Guard Sr., Edward G. Higinbotham, Jonathan J. Hoffman, Melinda K. Horstman, Justine Johnson, Melinda J. Lawson, Kirstie E. Maggi, Angela A. Mehring, Lillian R. Piechowski, Nicole S. Plaza, Rebecca Printz, Sydnee R. Sichert, Felicia M. Warfield and Shaun C. Wood.