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The county came through the Cheltenham development called Rolling Acres and said it was repairing the pavement. Instead of doing the entire area in the development as it has in “particular areas,” it patched here, there and everywhere.

I moved to this area in 1975, and the color of the pavement was a deep gray, which has aged and is discolored. The new pavement that was done in April is white. So we have some parts of the sidewalk white and the rest this discolored gray — not just on my street but throughout the development. Every neighbor who has been affected by this should complain to public works and demand that an inspector come through and take a look at this grand mess.

I happened to visit a friend of mine in another neighborhood in Prince George’s County and saw that the county had dug up the entire area and repaved it. We pay enough taxes for a complete and presentable job. We call on public works to come and do a complete and presentable job.

And by the way, clean up debris and dirt and leave the neighborhood as you found it.

Marguerite Watson, Cheltenham