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I would also like to see that rapid transit system constructed. But not as a dedicated bus route. (Gazette, June 13, “Will BRT get commuters out of their cars?”)

This transit system should be a light rail system as it would be able to travel faster on steel rails than on tires.

In some cases you could make a two- or three-car train to utilize better service during rush hour.

When it comes to powering a light rail, that power would possibly originate from one power source.

As for recommendations of state and county officials centered on a dedicated bus route, the county officials should question the intentions of state officials — especially those officials who come from Baltimore, where the city has a two-line light rail system (Blue and Yellow) that starts from Hunt Valley, and the last stations are on the Blue Line BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and Yellow Line: Cromwell/Glen Burnie.

As for the picture showing Cleveland with a dedicated bus line, I would like to point out that like Baltimore, Cleveland also has a set of light rail lines.

Why should Montgomery County be handed only the choice of a dedicated bus line when the politicians from Baltimore, sitting in the positions of authority at the State House in Annapolis, commit hypocrisy given the light rail in their area? What hypocrisy.

Michael Mendelson, Rockville