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Lily Habenstreit 13, an eighth-grader at Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, and two friends decided they would like to put on a spring play this year at Eastern.

“The school normally has a musical each [spring] but we wanted to try a play,” Lily said.

In March, Lily and her friends, Amanda Feinberg, 13, of Silver Spring, and Nia Smith, 14, of Rockville, approached principal Casey Crouse with their plan.

“I know them and they are very responsible,” Crouse said. “I told them they could try it. I told them the expectations and parameters and they met every deadline.”

About 40 students joined the cast and crew to put on “The Audition” by Don Zolidis June 2 and 3 at the school.

The play was about students auditioning for their high school play.

“The characters each has his own personal story,” Lily said.

The Eastern group had bake sales at school soccer games and raised about $500, Lily said. Their largest expense was the rental of the school building on the days of the production.

They also arranged for Ned MacFAdden, the school’s media teacher, to be their sponsor because student projects must have adult supervision, Crouse said

“I thought it turned out well; it was a really short play so things went smoothly,” said Lily, who directed the show with Amanda and Nia. “It was a great experience to do once but I’m not sure I’d want to go through that again.”

Crouse was impressed.

“They ran it very professionally and they really did it themselves,” she said.