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For the second consecutive year Science Club students from Concord Hill School in Chevy Chase are grand prize winners of the “Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge.”

The students concentrated on reducing runoff from the school’s campus for their project. They found leaky faucets, a broken gutter, areas of run-off and even trash cans without lids that collected rain water and allowed trash to spill out.

“The students made the observations and came up with the solutions,” Tracy Yaffee, science teacher and Science Club mentor, said. “They collected a lot of data, it really surprised me.”

“We checked everything in the school,” club member Owen Fernandes said.

Yaffee said she wanted the students to understand the responsibility of living within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

“We found out when it rained, water was gushing out [of a downspout] and it was getting wasted so we got a rain barrel,” second-grader Ally Jones said.

All 18 of the school’s second-graders formed the Science Club. They met after school for 10 weeks, from January to March.

The students also planted a rain garden.

Micah Lachman explained that his family has a rain garden at home. “Its a garden that would suck up the rain and prevent run off,” he said.

“Micah told us there was a way to reduce the runoff, by planting a rain garden,” Quinn Bausch said.

The challenge, sponsored by The Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education, the National Science Teachers Association and the College Board, asked students to come up with creative, applicable solutions to global environmental problems.

As grand prize winners, Team Second Grade Science Club will receive a Discovery Education Assembly for their school and a Siemens We Can Change The World Challenge Green Prize Pack.

Yaffee will receive a $5,000 grant for Concord Hill School.