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I found myself on Bayside Road at 8:15 on a recent morning when I saw a bicyclist ahead of me. I immediately took my foot from the accelerator and began to slow my approach and then braked as I drew nearer.

Already having noted that the speed limit is 40 mph, I was easily able to safely and legally pass this man, who was riding his bike as far over to the right as he safely could. My total time for this exchange was maybe 45 seconds from slowing to waving in my mirror.

As I continued on my way I thought how simple this act had been. I showed him respect by traveling the posted speed, slowing my car as I approached and then waiting until I could safely pass, and he showed me respect by traveling with traffic and riding his bike as far to the right as possible.

I know both cyclist and motorist can act foolishly and dangerously, but if we simply think about each other and show a little respect, everyone in our community can share the roads, whether they are rushing to work or just enjoying this beautiful county.

John Spalding, Medleys Neck