Walt Whitman grad cycles cross-country for cancer research -- Gazette.Net


College student Dale Zhou needs money — for a good cause.

The Walt Whitman High School graduate will be among 90 young people bike riding across the country this summer to fight cancer.

To participate in the 4K for Cancer, each cyclist must raise $4,500 by May 27. Zhou, 20, has raised nearly $3,700.

Proceeds go toward the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, a nonprofit that supports and educates young adults and their loved ones who are affected by cancer. Last year, riders raised $476,000, he said.

“A goal of this ride is to inspire others, but so far what's happened is others inspiring me,” Zhou wrote in an email.

To prepare for the 4,400 mile, 70-day trek from Baltimore to Portland, he trains on a stationary bike at the University of Maryland, College Park, which he attends.

“When I'm pedaling away past the 23rd mile, what keeps me going is the support of my friends and family,” he said. “I think about their kindness and generosity and can't help but feel motivated.”

Zhou does not have a personal connection to cancer and does not think he needs one. He said the ride represents an experience that unites strangers from across the country for a common cause, and enriches them as much as the cancer patients they help.

“This summer is about really getting out there into the world, giving everything I've got physically, mentally, and altruistically, and being open to whatever comes my way,” he said.

To donate, go to http://4kforcancer.org/profiles/dale-zhou/.